Bridge The Gap

This is a exclusive mentorship programme curated for Professional, Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor & Consultant, Insurance Advisor, Academicians, Medical Professional, Franchisee Owners, Distributor, Direct Marketing Professional Aspiring Startup, and Trainer & Coach to help them unleash their true potential and create the change they wish to see in their Business/ Professional/ Career & Life.

About the Mentorship Programme

Mr. Dhananjay Banthia based on his extensive learning & knowledge across multiple Domains & Experience of conducting session/ workshop & seminar on varied topic such as (Business Growth Strategy, Smart Money, Redefining Relationship, Inspirational Talk, & Much More) will be guiding mentee with Solution & Ideas from University of Life , which he has practically experienced & applied.


Through the program you will learn about your unique strengths, growth strategy for driving your business/profession/ career & life, you will get an insight how you can scale up to the next level. Learn the Art of 3C Clarity, Consistency & Creativity and see how this connects to your purpose and the change you want to create.

As a Mentee, you will be personally connected with Mr. Dhananjay Banthia, who is an experienced change maker (transformed 500+ Participants Life & Business), he will guide you through a well designed 5-Dimension mentorship journey. No Recorded Session, No Review out sourced to External Team & No Time Killing Group Gyan. It is a truly personalized mentorship program, focusing on real-time transformation & growth.

Over the course of sixteen weeks with the support of your mentor, you will be equipped with tools, ideas, skills, knowledge and understanding to be the change you wish to see in your Life & Business. You will also have the opportunity to directly apply what you have learned. Applied learning will be the core of the program.

You will develop skills such as networking, leadership, planning, communications, visualization and many more.

There are limited spots available, apply now!

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